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The Novels

The Lost Theory

Embark on a thrilling international quest to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Sean McQueen is a staid, middle-aged NYU literature professor leading an uneventful life, until he receives a cryptic letter from his intellectually and poetically gifted best friend, Dylan Byrne. Following years of extensive research, Dylan claims that he has discovered “the theory of everything”: a revelation that promises to alter man’s view of existence by reconciling science with spirituality. The two men arrange a meeting to discuss the paradigm-shifting theory, but after Dylan never shows, Sean discovers his friend has died under mysterious circumstances and the theory has gone missing.

Sean teams up with Dylan’s scientific collaborator, quantum cosmologist Emily Edens, to find the lost theory. Together they embark on the adventure of a lifetime—traveling from the busy streets of New York City to the mystical corners of Kathmandu where Dylan realized his groundbreaking theory. On their quest, they encounter extraordinary allies and fearsome adversaries, including a covert government operative code-named “Guru,” who is hell-bent on finding the theory first and preventing Sean and Emily from sharing it with the world.

The Lost Theory is an exhilarating adventure of self-discovery, full of magical realism, mystery, and romance, all wrapped up into a story overflowing with wit, intrigue, and a sense of ultimate redemption.

In the second book of the trilogy, The Devil’s Calling (coming in 2022), Sean is told, “it is best not to answer when the devil’s calling.” Sean does not follow the sage advice.

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The Devil’s Calling

Dive into the second entry in Mike Kelley’s spellbinding trilogy, with freethinking literature professor Sean Byron McQueen returning for another high-stakes adventure.

It’s been nine years since Sean Byron McQueen and quantum physics professor Emily Edens—aka M—discovered his murdered best friend’s Theory of Everything. Now, Sean and M live a near idyllic life on the campus of a college they’ve established for young women. M’s teaching of the new paradigm-shifting theory of constant creation has made her a rock star scientist.

When Sean’s missing spiritual guide, Juno—believed to have been abducted by aliens that are targeting enlightened beings—sends him a telepathic message that his beloved and illuminated M is also in danger, Sean becomes hyper-vigilant in order to protect her.

Meanwhile, troubling, AI-produced literature begins arriving in Sean’s inbox, and the culprit may be an ex-CIA operative with the code name Guru who is intent on revenge. Sean presumes the Guru is also the mastermind behind Genesis, a super-intelligent Russian computer that will connect humans via a network of direct, brain-to-brain links. Genesis is seen as the next evolutionary step by the wired-in nation (WiN), a group determined to create a New Society. Are the Guru and WiN after M, who is determined to assure the ethical rollout of the dangerous “hive-mind” technology, or are the threats figments of Sean’s vivid imagination—his superpower and curse?

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Juno’s Song

It’s the summer of 2036, and Sean’s beloved, M, has been missing for nine years and is presumed dead. M’s cruel captors have “cursed” Sean with the promise of torture and death, forcing him to live off the grid in a remote Irish tower with a robotic manservant for friendship and protection.

When Sean cautiously steps out of his cloistered life, he’s met with exponentially advanced AI and the long-promised, now looming date of alien arrival—9/9/36. Sean’s best friend and renowned writer of “alien lit,” Molly Quinn, leads a CE-5 movement promoting a peaceful alien welcome in opposition to international forces preparing for war.

As Sean and Molly try to prevent an imminent War of the Worlds, he grapples with his feelings toward her. Can Sean love again while there’s any chance M still lives? Will he follow his spiritual guide, Juno, into self-realization? Or will his nemesis fulfill the curse, preventing Sean from living long enough to witness the alien arrival and write the final chapter of his Big Love story?

With wit and bold imagination, Juno’s Song envisions a rapidly changing world of cutting-edge technology and advanced psychic powers that challenge what it means to be authentically human.

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The Author

Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley is a former lawyer who, prior to pursuing his passion for writing, built an international business on Wall Street before founding his own investment management firm. His love of literature and creative writing began during his years at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael currently lives in New York with his wife and daughter. After years leading a busy life in the city, he now spends the majority of his time in the peaceful woods of Dutchess County where he enjoys meditation, yoga, wine, reading, and hiking, all of which inspire his writing.

His debut novel is The Lost Theory.



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For fans of The Lost Theory, these exclusive downloads from protagonists Sean Byron McQueen and Dylan Byrne provide depth, context, and continue the story beyond the final pages.

Warning: Contains Spoilers


Dylan Byrne’s Poetry
of Big Love.

DOWNLOAD: The Theory

Introduction to The Theory of Constant Creation by Dylan Byrne.


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